adventure games

Jumping Bananas

Jump for bananas while dodging critters! How many bananas can you collect before they snag you?

Angel Bothorius

Help Angel Bothorius collect feathers, and other shiny objects so he can go back to the place he belongs - heaven.

Sweet Land

The delicious world of gominolas is in danger. Get rid of the strange monsters that are guarding all the candies.

Hyper Sphere

Release your hijacked space ship by controlling the hyper sphere to destroy the effected virus through different stages.


Destroy the enemies main assault ship to protect your planets and shoot all of their fighters to stay alive.

Submachine 3

Solve the mysteries in this nice and addicting game to make your way through various tricky chambers that look endless.

Be Bad

Guide your hero towards his friends home after passing through different buildings and facing various obstacles in this nice game.

Doughnut Warz 2

Help the hero in taking the revenge of his father's murder by killing all the evil soldiers through different challenging stages.


Make your way towards the destinations through different platforms by avoiding the public and earn highest points.

Nimian Hunter

Ride your wild horse and capture the flying creatures for dead spirits to bring back original life to the land.


Smash all the deadly monsters and eggs through different levels to score maximum points before time runs out.

Little Pig Adventure

Guide the cute little pig towards the exit point in every stage by dodging various moving security cameras.


Jump over the similar colored wagons of the moving trains and obtain maximum points in this nice flash game.


Clear all the challenging stages by jumping over platforms to reach the top and score maximum points.

Sudden Death

Clear all the exciting stages of this nice game by avoiding all the obstacles to reach the finish points.

Brutal Max 1

Save your friend from Emperors dungeon by making your way through various challenging obstacles and enemies.

Megaman Zero Alpha

Play as Megaman in this famous series and kill all the enemies through various levels to achieve the target.


Clear all the exciting stages by dodging various obstacles and enemies to score maximum points.

Step Maniac

Help the man in finding his way back through various challenging obstacles, as he got lost during camping with his caravan.

Bomber Kid

Help the cute little Bomber Boy in finding key and reaching his destination safely from deadly monster tomatoes.

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arcade games

Sea Jewels

Jewel matching madness! Get as many jewel combos as you can!

Hungry Space 2

Its an alien eat alien world out there, eat smaller aliens and avoid being today's lunch...

8 Planets

Defend the Galaxy from alien balls as they try to invade your planet.

Jet Pac

Assemble the super rocket and land safely on the destinations to complete your challenging mission as a chief pilot.

Fuzzy McFluffenstein

Help this crazy kitten to kill as many mice as possible by jumping over them, earn more time and points in this extremely violent game!

Sewer Dweller

Kill all the dangerous freaks to save Rodney and clear various challenging levels to face Dreaded Mantis’s in the end.

Zelda Invaders

Help the Link to protect his territory against enemy forces by killing all of them to score maximum points.

Adventures of Mr Tumpkins

Solve various mysteries to bring back the original shape of Mr. Tumpkin’s head in this nice adventurous game.

Plankton Life 2

Control the little plankton and clear various levels by avoiding all the fishes to stay alive.

Banana Monkey

Guide the monkey through various jungles and rivers in eating all the bananas and score highest points.

Four Second Fury

Play this interesting collection of small flash games and complete every task in four seconds to check how active you are.


Destroy the castles in every level, by utilizing various army units to fulfill your aim of ruling the world.

Killer Eggs

Protect your villagers from cruel aliens by destroying their eggs, in this awesome flash game.

Crystal Eater

Collect all the crystals by dodging harmful ghosts in this mixture of two famous games Pacman and Sokoban.

Reverb 2

In this sequel of challenging Reverb help the stickman against attacking enemies and discover all the secrets.

Pig Wars

Help a little pig to throw bombs and blow up as many enemy pigs as possible before they destroy you.

Franky The Fish 2

Franky, the fish is on a new underwater feeding trip! Eat all fish that are smaller than you and avoid the bigger ones.

Zelda The Collecting Of Pills

Make your way through the jungle as Link and collect all the pills avoiding the enemies, in this nice version of Pacman.

Plankton Life

Help a little Plankton to avoid the enemies, eat the food stuff and grow into a powerful creature, in this evolution game.

Mad Pac

Some ghostly creatures have abducted Mrs Mad Pac! You've to guide Mad Pac through various levels and rescue her.

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rpg games


Discover about your self by solving various mysteries in this exciting flash game and come out of the trap.

Ninja Storm

Help the ninja to get the keys and finish the missions after killing enemies in every chamber of this nice flash game.

The Challenge

Control your player by selecting one of different attacking options and defeat the opponent in every level of this challenging game.

Falafel King

Play as a Falafel vendor, prepare delicious snacks for your impatient customers and earn money to become the Falafel King.


Play as Murloc from the WoW in this massive RPG with 20 Talents, 50+ Items, lots of enemies to battle and lots of areas to explore.

Stickman Odo 1

First part of the nice and interesting point and click game - Help the stickman to make his way through the levels.

Stickman Odo 2

Help the stick man to get through various levels avoiding all the threats, in this interesting point and click game.

Field Command 3

You're the chief of an Indian Tribe in the late 1800's fighting against American troops. Choose the best strategy and lead your people to freedom!

Qazs Quest Silver Edition

Help Qaz, a little boy to save his town from the dangerous evil powers and restore peace in this interesting RPG game.

Smart Stick Adventure

Help the smart stickman to make his way through the dangerous levels and reach the end, in this point and click adventure.

Kimblis The Blue

Battle your way through the abandoned city protecting a little girl from the evil creatures.

Apprentice Dairy Queen

As an apprentice, your job is to run a Dairy Queen and keep customers happy by filling their orders promptly.

Sinjids Battle Arena

Play as Sinjid and fight against the demons, gain skills and buy upgrades, to become a great Ninja warrior.


Prepare an army by training soldiers, archers and buy weapons, to invade the enemy castle and bring it down!

Griswold The Goblin

Help Griswold, the goblin to find his precious stone, stolen by a thief, in this huge interactive adventure.

The Dead Case

Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery of your own death, in this interactive adventure game!

The Lardener

Help a fat guy to earn money by playing games, buy stuff from online stores and lose weight, to win!

Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior

Help Sinjid complete his training in the human gateway, before setting off to avenge his father's death.

Video Game Sim

Roam around the city, earn money and play video games to become a professional gamer in just 80 days!

Bake A Cake With Sartha Mewart

Help the little boy to bake a cake for his mother's birthday, in this interesting point and click adventure!

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flying games

Spaceman 2

Travel to alien worlds so you can suck up the inhabitants with your spacecraft.


Fly the graag and avoid all the enemy objects for as long as possible to score maximum points in this interesting game.

Space Fly

Fly around the game screen and collect all the blocks through different challenging levels to earn highest points.

Sky Fire

Control your super jet fighter and shoot all the enemy planes through various challenging levels to score maximum points.

The Aviator

As a skilled pilot you must avoid collision with birds and save the aircraft from crash in this nice online game.

Wings 1915

Shoot down the enemy planes with your classic fighter aircraft and score highest points, in this nice flash game.

Naval Strike

Fly an agile fighter aircraft, in this awesome Dog Fighting game and destroy the secret cargo supply line of the enemy.

Police Chopper

Fly a Police chopper over the city in this awesome 3D game and accomplish various challenging missions to serve and protect the city.

From Space With Love

Help the friendly alien to abduct soldiers from the battlefield, transform them into pacifists and drop them back!

Sky Fire Fighter

The forest is on fire! Fly a plane, scoop water from the nearby lake and put off the fire in this addictive game.

Cyber Ortek Flier

Fly through various planets as a robotic dragon and defeat all the enemies and their bosses along the way...


Fly a fighter jet, mid air dog fights, shoot down B52's, clear land targets, avoid flak attacks, sink the enemies carrier, best ever 3D Flash game..

Iron Ranger

Maneuver the most modern space ship, Iron ranger through various difficult levels without crashing.

Alien Abduction

Fly your UFO over the city and abduct people or other objects and drop them into the mothership!

Wacked Mission Mode

Fly a chopper over the city and perform various tasks for your Boss, to eliminate the rival gang!

Space Ace

Maneuver a ship through different regions in space and collect the rings in this challenging game with basic graphics.

Mission At Dawn

Fly a chopper over the Atlantic, pick up survivors from the wrecked ship and get them back to the base.

Joe The Rocket

Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots by maneuvering through a dangerous course!

Abba The Fox

Help Abba, the fox to collect envelopes, by gliding over the distant places, and deliver them at the Post Office!

Flight Of The Felix

Help a little cat to fly over the city using a strange jetpack and collect all the fish bones.

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sound board games

Darth Vader

Join me and together we will rule the galaxy as father and son! Enjoy many other sounds of Darth Vader.

Bush Soundboard

Make your very own president Bush prank phone calls with this soundboard.

Bender from Futurama Sound Board

Some hilarious sounds of Bender from 'Futurama' series talking about beer, bending and more.

Gir Sound Board

Some numerous funny and hilarious sounds of Gir, a funny invented comic cartoon character.

Three Stooges Soundboard

I used to work in a bakery as a pilot! Enjoy many other hilarious sounds of Larry, Moe and Curly from the 'The Three Stooges'.

Stewie from Family Guy Soundboard

Some hilarious sounds and voices of Stewie Griffin from the popular TV cartoon series 'Family Guy'.

Dr Zoidberg Soundboard

A collection of sound clips that can be used in making prank calls from the one and only Dr. Zoidberg.

Frys Sound Board

A hilarious soundboard containing sounds and phrases of Fry talking from the comic cartoon series Futurama.

Homer Soundboard

A hilarious soundboard of the Simpsons! His screams, funny way of saying 'Doh' and more.

Simpsons Soundboard v2

A great all round Simpsons soundboard including Homer, Bart, Moe, Lenny, Apu and many more!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator 2 sound board

Cool sounds of Arnold Schwarzenegger from his role in the 'Terminator 2' movie.

Chris Tucker Sound Board

Its here, The Chris Tucker Sound Board! Call your friends up and mess with their heads.

Chris Farley Sound Board

Hilarious sounds and voices of Chris Farleys from the popular movie 'Beverly Hill Ninja'.

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word games

Air Typer

Fly a plane and destroy the airships and balloons by typing the words on them, in this fun typing game.

Balloon Pop Word Game

Can you Guess the Word! Play the classic word game Hangman, but with a very funny twist.


The Classic Hangman, but with a twist. Try to solve the phrase or the Kangaroo will be hanged.


Play a online twist of the classic and very popular rainy day game, hangman.

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skill games


Create the perfect combat bot and compete against other combots!

Jail Break

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.......know what I mean?

Dark Cut

Try your hand at medieval medicine...not for the squeamish.


Balance the monkeys on each others head for as long as possible and get bananas to achieve highest points


Balance the weight on your thumb through different exciting levels to score maximum points in this addicting game.

Happy Space Balls

Clear different challenging levels by collecting all the popcorn to gain energy and reach the exit point after dodging the enemies.


Help Flappy to fly as far as possible, avoiding all the obstacles and score maximum points in this nice online game.


Help the hacking data packet in escaping from fire wall and collect maximum data by passing through narrow bandwidth.

Pig On the Rocket

Help Mr. Oinker in collecting as much fruit items as possible by escaping from big bird and score highest points.

Egg Way

Get the egg into the pan successfully through different exciting stages of this simple but interesting flash game.

Word Maze

Find letters in correct order to form a specific word given to you in each level and don't let the bunnies to eat your peanuts.

Fruit Fall

Adjoin three or more similar pieces of fruit to disappear them before time runs out and score maximum points.

Space Miner

Collect the valuable minerals by mining in the space to earn required cash in every stage of this nice game.

Shaolin Dodge Ball

Help the cute little rabbit in dodging shaolin balls and stay alive for as long as possible in this interesting online game.

More Beer

Connect the drums to the bar by using different pipes and fulfill every ones need before time runs in each level.


Catch the limited amount of fishes in every stage before time runs out to score maximum points in this nice game.

Jimmy the Rat

Control Jimmy in the moving stream to earn points by collecting cash and avoiding all the obstacles.

Gravity Gone

Clear all the levels by helping Mike Cooley in landing safely before whiskey tank reaches its end.

Digital Tunnels

Complete all the challenging levels by reaching the finish point safely after passing through various difficult paths.


Compete with your rivals in various missions to become the new chief and win the heart of your princess.

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shooting games

Sub Attack

You are THE destroyer. Down with the subs! Secure the South-East Asian seas...

Flash Point

One fine day Bobby and Footsy were walking down the park, it was so perfect until...

Ammo Ambush 2

Stuck deep behind enemy lines with only your trusty sniper rifle, make your way towards the rescue helicopter, picking off enemy soldiers, mines, and other hazards on your way.

Moon Sweeper

Do battle against an alien race on distant moons in this futuristic side scrolling shooter.


Defend your base against relentless enemy troops in this world war 2 style shoot em up.


Shoot all the moving objects through different levels by staying alive for maximum longer time to achieve best score.

Overkill Apache

Battle against massive forces of enemy and destroy all of them by controlling the gunship to protect your territory.

Zombi Fied

Shoot as many enemies as possible to achieve best score through different exciting levels of this nice flash game.

Alien Invasion

Shoot as many aliens as possible to protect your territory and achieve best score in this nice flash game.

Escape from Hell Towers

Shoot as many enemy agents as possible before they destroy you in this interesting side scrolling game.


Clear all the exciting stages by destroying different waves of enemies in the space to score maximum points.

Jungle Gorilla

Kill as many aliens as possible to earn cash and score maximum points through different challenging stages.

Dead Eye Logun

Shoot all the moving targets accurately before time runs out to earn maximum points in this nice game.

Call of Duty 2

Use your automatic machine gun to kill all the enemy soldiers in this shooting game and score maximum points.

Battle Field 2

Shoot all the enemies with your automatic machine gun and stay alive for maximum longer time to win this battle.

Turret Defence

Protect your territory from enemy forces through different exciting levels and score highest points.

Bomber Jet

Control your super jet and destroy all the enemies in their territory through various stages to score maximum points.

Magic Arrow

Protect your territory from harmful enemy balloons by shooting all of them through different challenging levels.


Shoot as many enemies as possible to achieve best score through different stages of this nice shooting fun.

Fish Snipe

Snipe as many fishes as possible to achieve best score before oxygen runs out in this simple online game.

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fun games

The 16 Bit Wizard

Test your SNES knowledge in this interesting game and answer 60 challenging questions to become the Guru of SNES!

Skeleton Rag Doll

A nice Halloween themed version of the falling Rag Doll, with a skeleton falling through numerous pumpkins.

Virtual Keyboard

Learn and play your favorite SNES theme songs on this Virtual Keyboard with 61 keys and 5 instruments.

DnB X005 Drum Machine

An advanced drum and bass loop mixer with tons of options and sound effects!

Build A Robot

Make your own dream robot in this online workshop, by joining together numerous different parts and gadgets!

Ragdoll Physics 2

A demonstration of Ragdoll Physics where Bush is falling down into a never ending pit!

Stupidance 2

In a world with no laws, where only the merciless survive, a hero shall rise and DANCE!!!


Protect your mouse cursor from the evil goon, trying to snatch it using all sorts of tricks and weapons!

Cartoon Quiz

Who wants to be a cartoon fan boy? Take this challenging quiz and test your knowledge about cartoons.

Poop Stars

Create your own musical compositions with an orchestra of strange creatures. Very funny!

Quiz Time With Chrono

Test your knowledge on your all time favorite game sound tracks in this interactive quiz.


Entertain yourself by punching, kicking and whacking someone over the head with a baseball bat?

Wire Skeleton

An addictive funny game with a scientific background - Make the skeleton dance to your tunes!

Rock Paper Scissors

Flash version of the popular real life game lets you play against your computer!

Create A Ride

Pimp up you favorite cars in your own private garage, tons of mods available to create the car of your dreams.

Dirty Punk Machine

Create your own musical compositions with ease using this music machine with built in sounds!

Simpsons Home Interactive

Explore the Simpsons family home and see them in this interactive game.

PC Breakdown

Has your computer ever breakdown on you for no reason? Here is a quick fix solution from us to fix your computer for good!!!

Windows Expee

A funny and clever parody of the Windows XP operating system. Hilarious to watch the annoying errors and bugs with a comical twist...

Hapland 2

The second and more challenging version of the interactive game Hapland. Try your best to solve this mystery!

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racing games

Heavy Metal Rider

Custom bikes, nitrous oxide and some heavy traffic. Get ready for some biking fun!

Parking Perfection 3

The third in the classic Parking Perfection series - The Exam! Can you pass all five tests perfectly??

Tobby Car Race

Use your skills to out-race your k-nine opponents.

Star Racer

Choose your space mobile and select a planet to race against other opponents in this challenging game.

Drive Shaft

Test your driving skills in this addictive flash game and clear all the practice rounds to start this challenging race.

Replay Race

Drive your car through various challenging tracks twice in least possible time to break previous records.

Street Drifting

Customize your car in this awesome game and race on various exciting tracks to acheive one of top three positions.

Danger Wheels

Drive your red car through various challenging levels and blow up rival's car by setting the mines wisely.

FR Quick Park

Test your driving fitness by parking the Leon FR accurately as many times as you can before time runs out.

Champion -ship

Racing Game in which only the top best automobiles are selected and you have the chance to race against them to become the best of all the champions.

Amazing Racer

Discover various picturesque levels of this addictive flash game, by driving your four wheel jeep through challenging tracks.

Motor Bike 1

Ride your bike over dangerous desert landscapes and clear all the exciting levels to score highest points.

Motor Bike 2

Ride your bike through dangerous landscape and clear all the exciting stages by reaching finishing point successfully in every level.

Monster Truck

Drive this monster truck against various exciting desert landscapes and clear all the levels before fuel runs out.

Drift Battle

Play under two challenging modes, in this awesome car racing game and grab the victory.

Angel Power Racing

Utilize your driving skills, in this awesome car racing game and clear all the levels to win this championship.

Formule Toon

Start with your stylish car and complete five levels in each track before your opponent to snatch the victory.

Toy Cars

Drive your radio model car in this challenging rally and beat the opponents to grab the championship.

Ice Racer

Drive an advanced Ice Racing Car through challenging terrains and reach the finish as quickly as possible.

Death Trip

Drive a taxi through a small town, pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination to earn money!

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